It’s A Gem Of A Deal: Why You Should Buy Loose Diamonds

If you're in the market for a diamond, you might think that your only option is to choose one that's already part of a jewelry piece. However, that's not the case. You can actually buy loose diamonds. In fact, loose diamonds are often the better option for your purchase. If you've never considered buying loose diamonds before, you should. Here are just four of the many reasons why buying loose diamonds is the better option. 

You Want to Reuse a Setting

If you've lost a diamond out of your favorite setting, or the diamond has just lost its luster, you don't need to buy another setting. Instead, you can buy loose diamonds for the setting you already have. Buying a loose diamond for a setting you already have in your collection is the perfect way to avoid replacements. This is especially important where heirloom jewelry is concerned. Buying loose diamonds allows you to receive years of enjoyment from your heirloom jewelry. It also allows you to continue passing those heirloom pieces down through the family line. 

You Want a Closer Inspection

When you buy jewelry, it's not always easy to get the best inspection. Unfortunately, without a close inspection, you might buy a diamond that's flawed, or that isn't as perfect as you'd want it to be. That's where buying loose diamonds comes into the picture. When you buy loose diamonds, you have the opportunity to conduct a close inspection before you make your purchase. Not only that, buying loose diamonds gives you the opportunity to bring a professional along with you. That professional inspection will ensure that you're buying a quality diamond. 

You Want to Save Some Money

If you want to buy diamonds, but you want to save money on the transaction, it's time to shop for loose diamonds. When you buy diamond jewelry, you're paying for more than just the gem. You're also paying for the setting, and the time that went into creating the piece of jewelry. That can add a lot of money to the final price. However, when you buy loose diamonds, you're not paying the inflated price. All you're paying is the price of the gem, which can save you money on the transaction. The money you save can allow you to purchase a larger diamond. 

You Want to Make an Investment

Finally, if you want to create a more diversified investment portfolio, it's time to invest in loose diamonds. One of the great things about buying loose diamonds is that they continue to increase in value. You can sell them once they increase in value, or you can add them to your estate plan for your family. 

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