Tips for Ordering Promotional Paper Bags

While your local promotional bag company almost certainly has cloth bags and drawstring backpacks that you can customize with your organization's name and logo, there are likely several other bag types that you can consider. One simple option is paper bags, which can be valuable to hand out to people at different events. You can emphasize the environmentally friendly nature of these bags—which may especially be valuable to you if your company tries to be environmentally responsible. If you're thinking about placing an order for some promotional bags, here are some tips to remember.

1. Think About Durability

Even though the people who receive your paper bags will recycle them eventually, you want to make it easy for people to use the bags on several occasions first. A good way to increase the likelihood of reuse is to choose bags that offer a high degree of durability. Your promotional bag company likely has several different paper bags available, so look for the one that has the thickest paper. Similarly, you want to choose a bag that has a durable handle that is reinforced, as this will prevent the handle or the bag from tearing while carrying something heavy.

2. Choose Different Sizes

You should also plan to have different sizes of promotional paper bags available for people. If you're at a trade show, for example, you'll want some larger bags. A small bag can be useful in certain applications, but if someone is trying to cram a lot of promotional items into a small bag, there's a risk of it tearing. A selection of bag sizes will allow those who stop by your booth to choose a size that appeals to them based on how much they need to carry.

3. Consider Your Colors 

People often choose brown paper bags, but there's a strong probability that your promotional bags company has products in different colors. While there's nothing wrong with the standard brown color, a vibrant color can catch more attention and be more in alignment with your brand. For example, if your company uses green and white in its branding, consider a green paper bag with a white logo. It will almost certainly have more of a visual impact than a brown bag with a white or green logo. Contact your promotional bag company to learn more about its products and to place an order for custom paper bags.