3 Reasons Apartment Building Owners Should Use Elevator Wall Pads

An elevator will typically feature hard walls with sensitive surfaces. If damage occurs on the walls, then you may have to complete expensive repairs or have the elevator look rundown for years to come. As an apartment building owner, you want your tenants to enjoy their elevator experience and provide a clean environment for them to use each day.

Add some extra protection to your elevator walls with the use of wall pads. The protective pads come in handy on a daily basis and can provide specific uses within an apartment building. Learn about the benefits you will enjoy when you buy elevator wall pads.

1. Tenant Moving Days

As an apartment complex owner, you may have tenants move in and out on a regular basis. For upper floors, an elevator provides an essential way to carry items like furniture and boxes in and out of the building. The use of elevator wall pads will add protection from dings, scruffs, and marks on the wall.

You could buy custom elevator wall pads with extra cushioning that you put up specifically for moving days. The wall pads will often only feature small openings for elevator button access and provide padding for the rest of the area. Tenants can easily move in without the need to cause damage on their first day.

2. Children In the Building

Chances are you will likely have tenants in your building who have children. As children grow, they love to push boundaries and may not realize the possible damage they do to an elevator. A little horseplay could turn into damaged walls. The use of art supplies like markers could lead to drawings and markings on the walls.

A wall pad provides protection for the walls and for children. The extra padding can help provide safety for children who trip or stumble as they get on or off the elevator. The wall pads can attach securely to the elevator to ensure they don't fall or rip when contact is made.

3. Cart Delivery Services

As an apartment owner, you may rely on cart delivery workers for food orders, packages, and other items. The daily use of carts in an elevator can easily create ding marks or bang into the walls. If you have specific service elevators, then you can buy elevator wall pads to add protection from the carts.

Choose specific colors to match your apartment building's theme or color design. Shop online to find the proper size and fit of the wall pads so they will install properly in your elevators.

Keep these tips in mind when looking to buy elevator wall pads from a local supplier.