Three Benefits Of Swaddling Your Baby

When you're the parent of a new baby, you'll likely have the infant in your arms many times throughout the day. There will be times, however, that it will be necessary to put the baby down for a rest so that you can tend to other matters around the home. Instead of just putting your baby in their crib, it's a good idea to carefully wrap them in a swaddling blanket first. You can shop for a swaddling blanket at any store that specializes in clothing and accessories for infants, and choose one in a design that appeals to you. Here are some benefits of swaddling your baby.

It May Comfort Your Baby

Many infants experience feelings of comfort when they're in their parents' arms, but may feel upset when they're on their own. It's possible that you've noticed that your baby gets fussy when you put them in their crib and that the fussiness can quickly subside when you pick the child up again. A common reason that many parents use swaddling blankets is that they can somewhat mimic the arms of a parent, given how they wrap the child. You may notice that your child is able to sleep soundly while in the blanket, which may not have happened much without it.

It Can Prevent Scratching

Babies' fingernails can be sharp, and it's relatively easy for a child to scratch their face while they sleep. Some parents use small mittens that can prevent this type of behavior, but these mittens can sometimes come off while a baby naps. A swaddling blanket can be a good choice if you're worried about this issue with your infant. The manner in which you wrap the baby's limbs under the blanket means that they won't be able to lift their hands to their face and inadvertently scratch themselves.

It Can Prevent Stomach Sleeping

You want your child to sleep on their back, as this will allow them to breathe freely. Conversely, rolling onto their stomach could be problematic, as they may not be able to breathe as well with their face pressed against the crib mattress. Using a swaddling blanket is an effective way to encourage your child to sleep on their back. This is because it's difficult for a baby to roll from their back to their stomach without moving their arms and legs. Visit a baby clothing and accessories store to buy a swaddling blanket for your infant.